Returning to In-Person Learning in 2021

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Lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic have affected all of us, but likely no group has been so affected as our students. Below are the two most important observations of student experiences returning to in-person learning after lockdowns, and some tips to help students reacclimate to learning.

1.   Gaps

Yes, there have been some knowledge gaps created because of remote learning. Because of not having students face-to-face, teachers have not been able to impart all curricula areas. But even more important than the knowledge gaps are the social gaps.

Students have missed crucial life experiences, like graduations, or playing on sports teams, or even their grade 9 year and getting used to high school life.

So how do we help fill some of these gaps? Focus on the skills of learning and social skills. If students understand how to communicate with one another, and they develop learning skills (as in, how to learn a new concept), they will be better situated to learn in their areas of interest after school.


2.   Balance

Having time where students weren’t really held to a specific schedule gave students time to discover where their true passions lay. But it also left students without a sense of routine, and depending on what life stage they are in, this can be quite detrimental.

To help students, model how to schedule a routine for yourself, and explain why this will help them be successful.

Start with these two areas, and your learners will be well on their way!

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