School Closure due to COVID-19 | An Alternative – Online tutoring

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The World Health Organization “WHO” called the COVID-19 viral disease a pandemic on Wednesday March 11, 2020. Many provinces in Canada have extended school closures to early April after spring break to fight the spread of of COVID-19. Ontario has rolled out a “learn at home” platform and other provinces will soon do the same. The pandemic situation can last for weeks and even months but students must keep learning and coursework may continue online in the near future.

Although Book Smart Tutors still believes that in home face-to-face tutoring is the most effective way to help a student, we also offer online tutoring as an alternative right now.

How does online tutoring work?

Parents and students may wonder how it actually works? What are the requirements? Actually, all you need is a laptop with a webcam, a tablet or even just a smart phone and internet connection and the rest are simple. Yes you have to download a free app or software and our tutors/administrators can guide you through it step by step.

There are many online meeting applications available like Skype, WebEx, Gotomeeting, MS Teams, Zoom and the list goes on. But the application that  is the most suitable for tutoring is Zoom. There are many features that make this the ideal app for tutoring such as the ability to do video meeting, share files, share screen, annotation, cast your phone/tablet, whiteboard, video recording and more. Some tutors can also use other supplementary software’s such as Google slides, Google classroom and you can just write on a physical whiteboard or a piece of paper while doing a video conference.

No restrictions and greater access

With online tutoring, location is no longer a barrier and students can still practice social distancing. In addition, you can get access to all of our tutors throughout Canada. The session won’t be interrupted by a snowstorm, accidents or pandemics.

Whether tutoring online or offline the same process applies. Students are assessed and matched with the best possible tutor. You can assure that our tutors are trained and you will receive the best possible online tutoring experience.

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